A story teller on a journey to find himself, Aaron James represents the struggle and growth in being “unapologetically you.”  Evolving from a place of self-reflection, this Memphis-based musician discovered that the best way to learn about himself was to absorb the energies of the world and the people around him. While creating captivating musical experiences, Aaron James reaches deep within, taking simple emotions and melodies and crafting them in a way that spurs the listeners’ self reflection. Having played a supporting role in many local musical projects, Aaron James decided to take center stage and tell his own story. Aaron James is a living example of how honesty with oneself can dramatically change a person’s life for the better - a message which resonates in everything he does.

Aaron James’ first EP,  “Here Comes The Rain”, follows a relationship through the seasons of a year, showcasing the introspective, purpose-driven music of a man reborn.  He turns himself inside out to tell the story of a young man’s life, personal growth, and maturation towards emotional strength. James makes sure that not one lyric is wasted nor a note played without reason as he sonically paints the path that travels throughout his self reinvention. He hopes that this will help build an intimacy between him and his fans and that the honesty in his music will inspire people to try and understand more about themselves. Aaron James’ second EP, due out this spring, will continue the grander themes of “Here Comes The Rain” while offering another chapter of the Aaron James story.



“This wonderfully produced EP offers its listeners a complete emotional evolution over the course of just four songs through sentimentally provocative lyrics, dissonant soundscapes and melancholy yet tuneful melodies.”
— No More Division
“Here Comes the Rain proves that Aaron James is worthy of standing on his own as an independent artist.”