Aaron James







Both a storyteller and a story himself, Aaron James represents the universal and never-ending journey of finding yourself and being unapologetically you.

Aaron James is an artist unhindered by concerns of comfort. Evolving from a place of uncertainty, this Memphis-based musician sheds his former self in order to absorb the world around him and experience it to the fullest. His first EP, “Here Comes The Rain”, follows a relationship through the seasons of a year, showcasing the introspective, purpose-driven music of a man reborn. He turns himself inside out to tell the simple yet complex story of a young man’s life, personal growth, and maturation towards emotional strength. Not one lyric is wasted, not one note is played without reason as Aaron James sonically paints the path that travels throughout his self reinvention. He is more interested in what can be experienced and learned on the journey than he is on simply reaching the destination. Aaron James is a living example of how honesty with oneself can dramatically change a person’s life for the better, a message which resonates in everything he does.


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