Dylan Amoré




Dylan Amore is a soulful, hip-hop artist from Memphis, TN who uses his words and “heart throbbing” sound to spread love and positivity. Like many artists, Dylan expresses his real life experiences through his music and lyrical storytelling. Dylan Amore released a project “Poetic Amorè” in 2018 with Poetic Jermz and his very first EP titled “Thoughts,” available on all music platforms through his own record label “Nina Records.” His single from the project, “Flashy” has caught the attention of many listeners and is played on the local radio station, K97.1. Dylan is now in the process of releasing another EP titled “Overdose” and Let It Go single release March 22, 2019.

Dylan Amore gets his inspirational sounds from artists like Kid Cudi, J. Cole, Travis Scott, and Andre 3000. His overall message is expressing real experiences and staying true to himself and his artistry. Performances at This Is Memphis, Newby’s, The Bluff, and more are outlets where you can see Dylan use his music to propel himself forward. “I’ve always been very hungry and driven. I’ve learned how to be patient,” Dylan said while describing his experience making music and his upcoming EP, Overdose.


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