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Haley Daniels is a singer-songwriter with musical influences of SZA, Leon, & Alessia Cara. Her diverse interest in different genres of music developed her sound of Soul - R&B Pop. Born in Connecticut, this ambitious artist has great plans for her future and is ready to tackle those dreams. Moving to Memphis in 2014 was just the beginning of her journey. Since then, Haley has performed at the Hear 901 fest, This Is Memphis, and other local events.

Haley’s humble mindset as an artist allows her to connect with every type of fan both on and off the stage. Seeking a career as a successful and well-known artist, Haley prefers a more simplistic and intimate scene, “In a perfect world I would be sitting on a stool with a mic stand in front of me and my band or music playing behind me”. Centered around self-reliance, Haley’s music expresses a message of being able to love yourself with no limitations. She exposes herself in the most honest, yet elegant way through each and every story she shares. Taking authentic emotions and crafting them with beautiful melodies, Haley Daniels creates a musical experience that can not only touch a heart, but also leaves her listeners feeling lively and inspired to reach and exceed their potential. After finding her sound, the path became clear and her musical instinct has guided her through the years.





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