The 2017 Hear 901 music festival featured the hottest acts from the University of Memphis, on one of Memphis’s newest stages. The show’s lineup included The Band CAMINO, Aaron James, Kyndle McMahan, Sonic Pulse, Flirting with Sincerity, and Haley Daniels. Hear 901 was produced entirely by University of Memphis students, and took place at The Bluff, a new music venue on Highland. 

One of the things that makes the HEAR 901 Festival stand out from others is that it is entirely planned and managed by students in the Music Industry program. Blue TOM Records provides an environment for students to have a real world approach when dealing with promotion, management, and production of a live musical event twice a year




The Band CAMINO is a four piece alternative rock band from Memphis, Tennessee. Influenced by the soaring sounds of The 1975 and Kings of Leon, The Band CAMINO’s music is equally anthemic and emotive. Their music truly captures the sound of youth while also tackling the complex emotions that come with it. They hope to bring the sound of Memphis into the 21st Century and inspire a new generation of young people to create.


Flirting With Sincerity

Flirting with Sincerity began in 2013 with Vocalist, Taylor Black and Drummer, William Houston. They met in high school theatre and have incorporated theatrics into their live performances ever since. Later guitarist,Ryan Adams (Guitarist) and his friend Yogi (Bassist) joined the band after meeting Taylor in college. Theytook the band's theatrical rock to a new level with influences ranging from Jazz to Metal. Lead guitarist, John Wilkerson, is the newest member, bringing soul and classic rock to the mix. In 2015, Flirting with Sincerity won "New Artist of the Year" and were nominated the following year for "Songwriter of the Year". Their music offers perspective on growing up at a young age, adapting constantly in a world that can change in a day.


Kyndle McMahan

Kyndle McMahan has an unforgettable voice that brings new meaning to the word “soul”. Kyndle’s sweet, but strong sense of melody is beyond her years. Through bands like the Mason Jar Fireflies, the Memphis Ukulele Band, the Bluff City Soul Collective, and the University of Memphis’s Sound Fuzion, Kyndle has truly shown herself to be a versatile cut above the rest. 

An Emerging Star in Stax legend and internationally-known songwriter David Porter’s program, The Consortium, she has made quite the name for herself in Memphis, TN. She began singing on the pulpit of a church at the age of four. From there, she has vastly expanded her experience as a performer. With all her recent success, Kyndle is no doubt destined for greatness. But for her and her listeners, it all comes down to one thing: her voice.


Aaron James

Aaron James is both a storyteller and a story himself. Evolving from a place of uncertainty, this Memphis-based musician discovered that the best way to learn about himself was to absorb the world and the people around him. He is more interested in what can be experienced and learned on the journey than he is on simply reaching the destination. Having played a supporting role in musical projects, Aaron James was never fulfilled telling the stories of others. That is not to say he didn’t find the experience valuable, it gave him the confidence to go forth and tell his own truths. Aaron James is a living example of how honesty with oneself can dramatically change a person’s life for the better - a message which resonates in everything he does.


Haley Daniels

Haley Daniels is an up and coming singer-songwriter with musical influences of SZA, Leon, & Alessia Cara. Her diverse interest in different genres of music developed her sound of soul - R&B Pop. Born in Connecticut, this ambitious artist has great plans for her future and is ready to tackle those dreams. Moving to Memphis in 2014 was just the beginning of her journey. Centering around self-reliance, Haley’s music expresses a message of being able to love yourself with no limitations. After finding her sound, the path became clear and her musical instinct has guided her since.