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The Band CAMINO is a four piece alternative rock band from Memphis, Tennessee. Influenced by the soaring sounds of The 1975 and Kings of Leon, The Band CAMINO’s music is equally anthemic and emotive. Their music truly captures the sound of youth while also tackling the complex emotions that come with it. They hope to bring the sound of Memphis into the 21st Century and inspire a new generation of young people to create.

Formed in the summer of 2015, their first EP - 2016’s My Thoughts On You - propelled them to be one of the hottest young bands in Memphis. They played the Beale Street Music Festival in 2016, accumulated one million total streams on Spotify, and have cultivated a strong fan base. Their reach extends beyond Memphis with songs like “The Black & White,” landing on the Spotify Top 50 Viral USA Charts. 

The Band CAMINO is comprised of Jeffery Jordan, Spencer Stewart, Graham Rowell and Andrew Isbell. Together they create a collaborative and vibrant sound, making any room feel like an arena.

The Band CAMINO continues to showcase their talent as they release their new EP, Heaven, on June 3rd, 2017.



HEAVEN EP - 6.2.17