The fifth annual This Is Memphis festival will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2018. Produced by Blue Tom Records, the festival showcases some of Memphis’ top musicians performing on one of the city’s most iconic stages at Clayborn Temple. This year’s lineup includes the Back Pockets, Sienna, Phillip Bond, Bailey Bigger, JD, and Dylan Amoré.  

Blue TOM Records is a student record label made up entirely of University of Memphis students.


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Back Pockets

Back Pockets are a  jazz and soul collective group with a 10-piece band lineup that includes: vocals, horns (trumpet, saxophone, and trombone), piano/keys, organ, vibes, bass, guitar, drums, and an optional string section. They  have been playing since the fall of 2016 and still continue to perform around the city of Memphis.



Originally from Westchester, New York Sienna moved to Memphis to start her freshman year at the University of Memphis. She is currently a junior and Commercial Music Performance major. Her passions include pasta, TV romances, and writing music. She draws influences from Kim Petra’s, Allie X, Sza, Tinashe, and many other artists.

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“ESTES is a project based on the idea of departure and discovery. These ideas came to me during a time of severe life change, a time where I left myself open to whatever I was supposed to be doing with no plan at all as to what that might be. Times like these make for beautiful things, where you can let go of what you held tightly to discover something that is far better suited for you.  This project is the next step in my search to find where I am truly supposed to be. I hope it helps you along your travels to do the same.”


Phillip Bond

Phillip Bond is a Memphis-native, soulful-pop artist whose sound is colorful and vibrant. His sound is influenced by many artists of various genres. Ranging from Frank Ocean to Beyonce to Prince and many more. From a young age, Phillip has always gravitated towards the stage. The tour life, performing on big stages, and releasing his own music has been the dream that he has always been chasing. Phillip wants his music to tell his story, to help heal others, and be genuine.


Bailey Bigger

Bailey Bigger is a Memphis-based singer/songwriter, and has been writing and performing since the age of nine. Influenced by artists like The Avett Brothers, Gillian Welch, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and Simon and Garfunkel, Bailey strives to touch her listeners with a sense of community, through her passion for life, love, lyrics, and song.



Jordan "JD" Dodson has been performing since she was 4 years old. Born and raised in Memphis, TN, her passion has always been to reach others through art. She got her big break performing around the Memphis area throughout high school and competing and gaining national and international titles in A Cappella competitions. She is currently a music industry student at the University of Music, hoping to reach a broader audience with her original music written by herself. Her soulful R&B sounds appeal to her generation, with lyrics promoting feminism, gender and racial equality.

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Dylan Amoré

Dylan Amoré is an artist from Memphis, TN who uses his vibrations and “heart throbbing” sound to spread love and positivity. He’s just recently released his first project, “Thoughts” on all music platforms and through his own record label “Nina Records.” His single off the project, “Flashy” has caught the hearts of many listeners and is played on the local radio station, K97.1. He pulls inspirational sounds from artist such as: Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Travis Scott, and Andre 3000. However, Dylan doesn’t want to be any other artist. He simply wants to be the best “DylanAmoré” he could, and he does so by using everyday situations to propel himself forward.